Originally posted on UNICEF MENA regional Website on 28 June 2018

Saood, a mother of six daughters and three sons, lives with her old mother in Almina District, Al Hudaydah governorate. Saood is the sole breadwinner of the family since her husband passed away one and a half years ago. Saood used to spend hours in front of her sewing machine to provide for her family, but the income was never enough. “It was very difficult for me to afford the school costs for all my children, so only two of them enrolled in school.” Then the machine broke and the family situation deteriorated even further. “I didn’t know what to do and felt helpless in front of my kids and mother.”

The ECTP project brought hope back to the family. “The help came when we were most in need and saved us from depending on other people’s charity. I used my cash benefit to fix my machine, buy frankincense and fabrics and now I have launched again my small business selling my handmade clothes along with frankincense” she shares, her face open in a smile. Saood’s two children are back to school, and she wishes to be able to enroll the other children as well soon. “I know that education is very important. God willing, our life situation will get better and I will send all my children to school. May Allah protect and help those who help the poor.”

The socio-economic situation in Yemen keeps deteriorating as the country entered its fourth consecutive year of war. In response, UNICEF is delivering emergency cash transfers to around 1.5 million families, reaching an estimated 9 million people, with funding and technical support from the World Bank/International Development Association.