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You Know Me StopMotion video on out-of-school children in MENA (UNICEF 2015) English | Arabic | French

You Know Me ‘making of’ video on conflict (UNICEF 2015) English | Arabic | French

You Know Me ‘making of’ video on dropout (UNICEF 2015) English | Arabic | French

You Know Me ‘making of’ video on girls and gender discrimination (UNICEF 2015) English | Arabic | French

An infographic video that unpacks the data behind out-of-school children in MENA: English Arabic

Drawing a solution to the world's learning crisis (UNICEF 2015)

Street-based children animations (UNICEF 2015)

Building schools for #ChildrenofSyria in Turkey (UNICEF 2014)

E-learning initiative in Sudan for SOWC launch (UNICEF 2014)

A tiny computer lets Syrian refugees learn (UNICEF 2014) 

A compelling video on what data tell us about out-of-school children (UIS 2014)

Melissa Fleming TED Talk (TED 2014)



An infographic video that unpacks the data behind out-of-school children in MENA: English | Arabic

MENA OOSCI infographics



A visual tool for understanding out-of-school children (UIS 2014)

UNESCO Institute for Statistics eAtlas (UNESCO)

UNESCO eAtlas of Teachers (UNESCO)

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All in School: The Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children (UNICEF) 

Children of Syria (UNICEF)

Whole of Syria (WoS) education website (WoS partners) English | Arabic 

Education Cannot Wait (partners) 

UNESCO IIEP Library & Resources