Jordan Commits to provide Education to Every Child

This story was originally posted by UNICEF Jordan.

AMMAN, Jordan: The Government of Jordan has reaffirmed its landmark commitment made at the Syrian Conference in London earlier this year, to educate every child in Jordan in the 2016-2017 school year.

“The fundamental right of every child is the right to education, after the right to life. We have opened our school doors to Syrian children as well as all other (children) living on the soil of Jordan regardless of their nationality or reasons why they are in Jordan,” said the Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Mohammad Thneibat, during a preparatory workshop for the new school year attended by officials from education directorates from all parts of the country.

“Our aim is zero children out of school in Jordan. Jordan is completely committed to this. It is our national duty,” Minister Thneibat added.

With an estimated 91,000 Syrian refugee children out-of-school in Jordan, the Ministry of Education, in partnership with UNICEF, and support from Canada, the European Union, Germany, Norway, UK, and the US, aims at enrolling all Syrian children when the new school year starts on 1 September 2016.

“We greatly commend this bold and positive move by the Ministry of Education, which yet again shows Jordan’s leadership and generousity in responding to the plight of Syrian refugees and all vulnerable children,” said the UNICEF Representative Robert Jenkins. “UNICEF stands by the government of Jordan in doing all we can to achieving the goal of having every child in Jordan going to school,” he added.

To accommodate as many children as possible, the Ministry of Education is opening an additional 102 schools that will work in morning and afternoon shifts, bringing the total to 200 schools operating double shifts. In addition, children who have missed more than three years of schooling will be able to register for ‘catch-up’ classes, to accelerate their learning and help them enroll in class.

UNICEF is complementing the massive effort and commitment of the Government of Jordan by backing a nationwide school enrolment campaign, called Learning for All - Back-to-School, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and civil society partners targeting 200,000 community members, including families, caregivers and children.
School registration and the “Back to School–Learning for All” campaign will continue throughout the month of September to allow adequate time for as many children as possible to register in school.


“Back to School – Learning for All” Campaign: The Campaign, which kicked off on 1 August 2016, is focused on raising public awareness and mobilizing over 200,000 community members including families, parents and children - especially those hardest to reach - to enroll children in formal education. Rolled out through multiple media channels and door-to-door outreach, the campaign encourages all children, regardless of nationality or status, to register at their local school or education field directorate. Since the start of the campaign, student registration information is being collected on a weekly basis and analyzed by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and UNICEF. This data will be analysed to rationalize the creation of class formations to enroll all children, including Syrian refugee, in the planned 102 double-shifted schools and Catch-Up Classes.

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